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Our Children's Home

The orphanage of Urtam village

   The orphanage of Urtam village is a unique educational establishment for children left without parents’ care as well as mentally and physically retarded children. Though “establishment” is only a status. Actually it is the Home for more than 200 pupils- children at the age from 7 to 18. And here the life is built as in a real family: necessary consideration and respect to each other; desire to make common life brighter and as a matter of fact, the joint household chores are fulfilled.Urtam villiage
   One of the orphanage teachers’ goals is to prepare the pupils for their independent life and future job.
   That is why the Urtam orphanage is a big farm with its own production buildings, techniques and special equipment. This allows the orphans not only to gain the labor skills, but also, through their own experience, to find out, that much depends on themselves and their personal efforts and wish to build up their life as a good country house.
   This approach to bringing up, based on the life logic and supported by enthusiastic teachers, has the status of an experimental ground of the Institute of the Development of Educational Systems of Russian Academy of Education .The problem of social and labor rehabilitation and orphanage inmates adaptation  is in focus.
   The skills, gained by the children in Urtam orphanage are confirmed by a timely theory-a profile “cattle farming and mechanization” 10th grade is opened. When the children grow up they will be able to work as a tractor operators, drivers, seamstresses, gardeners or poultry men. They will be able to adapt to the life conditions which are not easy.
   Independence, all-round development and the desire to make own life and the life of close people more interesting- are the three whales that feel themselves comfortable in the Urtamka river. These are the main principles for building life in the orphanage of Urtam.
   In everyday life the children are given an opportunity to try themselves in Art, different crafts, sport. Different sections and clubs according to kids’ interests work in the orphanage.Children left without parents’
   The orphanage inmates are constant participants of district, regional and governor fairs, exhibitions, festivals as well as the champions of Regional winter sport games, all Russian winter ski races in Ulan- Ude and other championships.
   In 2005 they stood upon honor of Russian team on the ski races in Japan in Nagano. In 2007 they will present Russia at the international table-tennis tournament in China.
   Everyone who has visited the orphanage doesn’t conceal their impressions. And it is not only
because it looks  no worse than any other  establishment of Tomsk of alike  profile-no, the environment itself wins you over. I t is the usual thing for the orphanage of Urtam   village,  because the people here are kind and friendly.
   After all, the children who find themselves at the Orphanage are the children with health problems, with a negative experience of living in their own families, or the children without parents at all. Therefore the atmosphere of love, understanding and warmth reigns at the Orphanage.

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